What's new

📲 UPDATE 1.2.1

1.2.0 6-6-2024
Yooo Buddies,
I have added:
1) a new welcome screen online shown when opening the app for the first time.
2) a new paywall design
3) asking for review after using the app for a while, reviews are very important for me to organically grow

FYI: New features coming in the next update
Love and flow,
#free#screen time#productivity#pro features


1.2.0 6-6-2024
Hey Buddies,
You can now block unlimited apps for FREE! Why? Because my mission is to reduce screen time and help everyone enjoy the little things in life. FlowBuddy Pro offers even more configurations.
Love and flow,
#free#screen time#productivity#pro features

FlowBuddy just became more customizable and user-friendly 🖖

1.1.0 1-6-2024
What's New:
  • Set the length of the pause before the app opens.
  • A single breath is now split into multiple breaths with a smooth animation.
  • The "More" section has been completely redesigned.

Say hi to FlowBuddy Pro wearing sunglasses 😎

1.0.8 21-05-2024
Just are small update bringing some joy with new graphics to the app:

What's New:
  • FlowBuddy now winks at you when opening an app.
  • FlowBuddy Pro wears now sunglasses.

Download the app to see the updates.

Update 1.0.7 📲

1.0.7 17-05-2024
Hey Buddies, thank you for your valuable feedback! Your input is crucial for enhancing the app:

What's New:
  • You can now select multiple apps in the app picker, making it quicker to set up FlowBuddy.
  • The appShield UI has been revamped. You now need to bypass a FlowBuddy marked with a stop sign.
  • Enhanced Breathing Animation for a smoother experience.

App available on AppStore 🚀

1.0.6 07-05-2024
You can now download FlowBuddy and use it to master Screen Time.

  • Appblocking: Control your app usage with FlowBuddy.
  • Multiple Open Mechanism:
    • Breathing exercise to reflect in the moment of opening if it's really worth it.
    • Auto open feature for seamless access.
    • Display how often apps have been opened in the last 24 hours.
  • Set Allow Time Schedule: You might need certain apps at specific times for work; customize their availability accordingly.
  • Usage Statistics: Get insights on how often apps have been opened daily, weekly, and monthly.