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FlowBuddy: Now Available on the App Store

Costin Bernhart ā€¢
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flowbuddy on smartphonescreen with party items around the phone

Iā€™m excited to share that FlowBuddy, the app I developed to help manage screen time, is now available on the App Store! šŸŒŸ

The Idea and Motivation Behind FlowBuddy

As someone who has struggled with spending too much time on my phone, especially on YouTube Shorts and Instagram, I knew I needed a solution. I created FlowBuddy to help others like me who want to reduce their screen time and build a healthier relationship with their devices.

Features of FlowBuddy

  • Select Apps to Control: Choose the apps you want FlowBuddy to help you manage.
  • Different Open Mechanisms:
    • Breathing Exercises: Take a moment to reflect before using an app.
    • Auto Open: For times when you need immediate access.
  • Set Difficulty Levels:
    • Increase Difficulty: Gradually extend the wait time before accessing apps.
    • Constant: Maintain a consistent wait time.
  • Allow Time Schedule: Customize when you can easily access certain apps. For example, limit Instagram to evenings and allow email apps during work hours.
  • Usage Statistics: See how often you open each app.
  • Stop Notifications: Reduce distractions by stopping notifications during focus times.

How to Set Up FlowBuddy

Setting up FlowBuddy is straightforward:

  1. Download the app from the App Store here.
  2. Select the apps you want to manage.
  3. Choose your preferred open mechanism and difficulty level.
  4. Customize your daily schedule for app access.
  5. Track your usage and adjust settings as needed.

Iā€™m really looking forward to hearing what you all think and seeing how FlowBuddy can help make a positive change in your digital habits. Thank you for your support!