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The Best FREE Alternative to One Sec: FlowBuddy

Costin Bernhart
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The image shows a promotional graphic with a yellow background. On the left, there is the one sec icon with a gradient of blue and purple colors. On the right, there is the flowbuddy a cute, cartoonish character with a round body, small fins, and a winking face, predominantly white with light blue accents. The text FREE unlimited App Block is prominently displayed in bold black letters across the top of the image.

In today’s digital age, managing screen time effectively is crucial. Two popular apps designed to help users regain control over their time are FlowBuddy and One Sec. While both apps offer valuable features, FlowBuddy stands out for several compelling reasons. This blog post will compare FlowBuddy and One Sec, highlighting why everyone is better of choosing FlowBuddy.

FlowBuddy is Better

Unlimited App Blocking for Free

FlowBuddy allows users to block an unlimited number of apps without any cost. Unlike One Sec, which requires a payment for blocking more than one app, FlowBuddy provides comprehensive control over your digital habits for free.

Easy Setup and Clean Design

FlowBuddy boasts an intuitive, clean design that makes setup a breeze. You don’t need to navigate through complex automation processes as required by One Sec. With FlowBuddy, you can get started quickly and easily.

Adaptive Difficulty Based on Usage

FlowBuddy increases the difficulty of opening apps based on your usage patterns. This adaptive feature helps you become more mindful of your screen time and discourages unnecessary app usage effectively.

Customizable Schedules for App Access

FlowBuddy allows you to set up schedules for easy access to certain apps, such as emails during work hours. This scheduling feature ensures that you can maintain productivity without completely blocking essential apps.

Highly Customizable

FlowBuddy offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the app-blocking mechanisms to your specific needs. From setting up unique challenges to unlocking apps to adjusting the difficulty level, FlowBuddy provides a personalized experience.

Supportive Buddy System

With FlowBuddy, you’re not alone in your journey to better screen time management. The app incorporates a buddy system, ensuring you have support and motivation to stick to your goals. Together, we are stronger.

One Sec: Key Takeaways

Limited Free Features

One Sec’s free version only allows you to block one app. To block additional apps, you need to upgrade to a paid plan, which limits its effectiveness for comprehensive screen time management.

Complicated Setup

Setting up One Sec involves complex automations, making it challenging for less tech-savvy users. This complexity can deter users from fully utilizing the app’s features.

Ineffective Notification Blocking

One Sec does not block notifications, which can lead to temptation and frequent interruptions. FlowBuddy, on the other hand, ensures a more focused and distraction-free experience.

Lack of Scheduling Options

One Sec does not offer scheduling features for app access, making it less flexible for users who need to balance productivity with necessary app usage during specific times of the day.

Limited Customization

One Sec provides fewer options for customizing the app-blocking mechanism. This lack of flexibility can make it less effective for users with specific needs and preferences.


FlowBuddy outshines One Sec with its unlimited free app blocking, easy setup, adaptive difficulty features, customizable schedules, extensive customization options, and supportive buddy system. If you’re looking for an effective and user-friendly solution to manage your screen time, FlowBuddy is the clear choice.